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For visitors perhaps not so familiar with fabric/textile art techniques.....fabric/textile art is a medium that has become so much more advanced with the wonderful technology available to us. Fabric artists are limitless in combining other media--paint, dye, photograph transfer, computerized images, printed media, etc.

As for the threadwork, I lay thread down using "freemotion" sewing. Sewing machines are equipped with "feedteeth" that feed the fabric as it stitches....for freemotion stitching, the feedteeth are disengaged. Therefore, rather than a brush and a paint medium, I "paint" the fabric by controlling the movement of the fabric and stitching the thread where and how I choose.

I define freemotion threadwork in 3 categories--thread sketching/drawing, threadpainting and quilting. Image 1 is an example of thread sketching/drawing; image 2 is an example of thread painting; image 3 is an example of stipple quilting in the background of the piece, thread painted leaves and flowers and also freemotion applique work in the pears and the stem.