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Dancing Off Round
Dancing Off Round
Textile Art
39" x 47"


Please help me, Wisdom.
Just look at my steps.
They turn this way and that
And that way and there,
And then at times they just go off…..somewhere.

I look at the others.
Their steps are so straight,
And their circles….ahhh…
Their circles are so clear and sound.
And mine are….well….
Well… circles just seem to be quite off-round.

I try so hard to dance with them,
But I seem to always lose my rhythm.
Please help me, Wisdom,
For I try and I try.
But I fear I have lost the dance of my life.

Wisdom was smiling;
My dear, dear child,
You are going to be fine.
But first, I must tell you something you need to know--
“Somewhere” is a lovely and a perfect location to go.

Now, I can see that you try so very hard.
But in all your trying and dancing,
You have overlooked one step.
A step so, so easy to do…
You must decide, my child, to change your view.

You see…
God is well aware of you and your dance of life--
Your striving for perfection,
Because God sees from all directions.

Your dance is really much easier than your trying allows--
Your perfect dance of life with them.
So, should you decide to change your perception
And see the beauty in your circles off-round,
Just stop a moment and watch them dance
By turning your tapestry around.

By Mindy Smith