Art byMindy
Such A Storm
Mixed Media
This is a mixed media piece using 100% cotton fabric… includes thread sketching, acrylic and oil paint. The inspiration for this came from the huge but beautiful snowstorm in 2011. The deer, the well-used, old fence, the wonderful old tree, and the thick snow in the air, captured a lovely, winter day in Missouri. I wanted to create the sense of a very cold winter day but incorporate the human warmth with a conversation between Wisdom and a small child concerned about the magnitude of the storm.

"Such a storm," said the Child.
"I'm afraid--will we be ok?"

Wisdom leaned down and
gathered the child into an embrace
and whispered,
"Be very still, my Child.
Listen to the quiet of it;
Look into the beauty of it.

So much peace and
So much strength for you
In such a storm."

copyright 2012 Mindy Smith
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